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            When you look at my art, you are looking at the legacy given to me by three remarkable women. My mother and my grandmothers influenced who I am and what I love. They are the influence behind my deliberate decision to embrace my femininity in what has historically been a male dominant field. Looking back, they influenced all of the key elements that define my art.
            My love of color, texture and pattern was developed from visits to the fabric store with my grandmother where we would go just to “ooh” and “aah,” smile and giggle while we examined the rows of bolted fabric.          
            It is little wonder that my favorite elements of design, besides color, are rhythm and movement because music filled the halls and rooms of my home and that of my relatives.  It was commonplace in my family to sing in choirs, compose music, and play instruments. Music influenced my composition style.  Instead of choosing a focal point I break the rules and choose to lead your eye in a dance around the canvas.                   
            My desire to be a visual storyteller was surely influenced by my mother’s love of nature and literature. I spent many afternoons in my youth perched in a tree reading books where I learned about symbolism. 
              All three were avid gardeners and loved the romance of cut flowers.  Flowers appear often in my still lifes.  Today I have 4000 square feet of flower beds where I love digging in the dirt feeling connected to life and the universe. 
               I watched them extend hospitality to family and friends while they celebrated life.  They shared their love, laughter and tears with me.  Memories of these three women are vivid to me and are woven through my art like threads of a tapestry. 


          Painting with a masterful color pallet and intricate [...]

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