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I paint primarily in Maine, Nantucket,  and Colorado, but really, wherever I am, if I see something that makes me happy, I will try to paint it. My goal, when painting, is to amplify the joy I see around me, to show how I see a shadow and sunshine caressing a scene or a structure. I grew up at the feet of my artist grandmother, who showed me that there is beauty, or the possibility of beauty, everywhere, that sometimes the most surprising colors belong just where you don't expect them, and, most of all, that anyone can make art, either seriously, or "just" for fun, or both. Art-making, and art enjoyment, isn't restricted to the chosen few, the seriously educated, or to the children. We all can do it, we all can enjoy it. 
Making art is a form of meditation, of connection to the place we're in, or the vision we have. It slows us down and roots us in the now, connects us back to ourselves.  My greatest pleasure comes from the creation of a painting that does the same thing for the new owner, on seeing it, as it did for me, in making it. 

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