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Raised in the Laurel Highland of Pennsylvania, Rebecca became enamored with color and shapes at a young age. The changing landscapes of the fields and mountains as well as towns and villages nestled in the hills as they evolved from one season to the next, suggested color schemes and compositions. Her love of abstracts developed from ever changing shadow patterns in the forest, clouds, and the  funny colors patterns you find in rocks
During high school, she was urged to follow her artistic abilities by Paul Beal, a nationally recognized watercolorist. Following high school, she attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania to pursue an art education degree. She gained a broad spectrum of experience in drawing, painting, printmaking, jewelry design, sculpting, ceramics, and fabrics.
Upon leaving college, she applied her education to a 45 year career as an interior designer catering to both residential and commercial clients. She used all the elements of composition, balance, color, and texture to her trade. But even as a successful designer, she still felt unfulfilled as an artist.
In 2003 she met her husband, Steve and became a mother to his daughter Angela - and her whole world changed. Steve realized her talent for photography while they were traveling in China, and over the course of the next 8 years, she became an award-winning photographer with pieces residing in many private collections.
Although photography was a big part of her life, the creative void had yet to be completely filled. But God has a way of nudging people. Feeling confident that her direction was painting, she began taking classes from Nancy Reyner, Robert Burridge, Chris Cozen, Nathalie Kalbach,  and Dan McBride to begin her new journey in the world of abstract & figurative painting.
Along with these studies, she works with her mentors Penny Knobles-Besa and Hilmar Gottesthal. Penny is [...]

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