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Reba White, a mostly a self-taught artist, started painting in acrylics in 2009. Her interest in painting and art in general began with collecting instructional art books and following along in their lessons. Although, at the time just a hobby, it was not long before she was introduced to a local wildlife artist. Her friend and teacher taught her a more formal approach to the usage of the materials, tools, color, and composition. Eventually, she moved to oil painting. Continuing diligently for two years she realized there was a definite desire to focus on painting full time. Today, living in Huntsville, Alabama, Reba is pursuing a bachelor of fine arts in painting and drawing. Additionally, she is taking private lessons from two instructors and painting with a group at the local Museum of Art. 
Reba’s current work is focused on representation of small and large birds found locally to her home studio. These scenes are captured by a professional photographer whom she works with and are key to building an appreciation of the outdoors which is often lost in the day to day routine. She is known to often say, “Painting these beautiful birds helps me realize that no matter where they land or nest they are always perfectly camouflaged. Any angle you capture them is God’s perfect balance.”
You might find her painting other things such as portraits for friends, her friend’s pets, and a few landscapes; but each endeavor works together in the pursuit of being a better painter. She says, “I do always learn something every time I paint. I like to get outside and listen to nature, observe how trees grow and the sounds birds make. I am keenly interested in color balance and light verses the situation of the shadows depending on the time of day.”
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