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The ongoing riot of nature inspires my works in acrylics, oils, and most recently encaustics. I perceive choreography in windblown blooms, music in glittering sun-dappled leaves, and rhythm in lines of trees. The spontaneity and tenacity of the natural world motivates me. I try to capture the mood of a sunlit summer morning. I need to reinterpret and serve up deep dishes of majestic forests, frivolous florals, glittering lakes. I love to share the beauty of Canada with the world.
My vibrant florals excite and intrigue with deliberate improvisations on stem, leaf and petal. My vocabulary of colour, texture and composition continue to grow and invite viewers into an interior world of wonder. You are invited to jump right in.
Showing and selling since 2000, my work has evolved while retaining its unique approach.

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