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Ray is a native of Northern California, and has been a professional artist and art teacher for the past 20 years.
He teaches at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and also teaches drawing and painting at The Pacific Art League in Palo Alto, and has his own Art School at the University Art store in Redwood city.
Ray has held one-man shows at The Pacific Art League Gallery, Tahill Galleries, and the Academy of Art Gallery and presently shows at The Lee Youngman Gallery in Calistoga,CA 
Ray Mendieta received his  Masters Degree in Fine Art from the Academy of Art University at San Francisco.
Student Reviews Following Ray's first On-line Art Class
Ray's zoom class is a very effective way to learn and improve oil painting.  He has time to work with each student at every session and I often record his comments for later reference.  His insights about how to create a dynamic composition and how to mix the appropriate colors are invaluable.  
Ray Mendieta is an excellent gifted instructor and am very pleased with the on-line course that he has offered during COVID stay at home.  In many ways, these on-line sessions are even better than in-person for many reasons:
1. During class, he would critique each student's work (both the reference and the painting uploaded the week before).  His thoughtful constructive feedback coupled with his ability to download his and other painters' work as examples is invaluable.  He might also pull up his value sketch or show the stroking direction.  Another benefit is that you can record his feedback for reference later.2. Since we have access to the upload folder and can view each other's work, it allows me to develop ideas of subject matter and painting style.3. I also benefit more from Ray's critique of other classmate's work on-line than [...]

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