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Realization that I was destined to become an architect and a painter of abstracts did not come easy to me.   Always, from childhood an explorer, inventor, builder, and though I didn’t realize it at the time, an artist, I found myself jumping sporadically from one interest to another.  Once I learned just enough about a subject or interest to calm my curiosity and satisfy my need for variety, and felt sure I had mastered the subject sufficient to a degree that I could, with a straight face, claim the experience and skill a part of my accomplishments, I would be off to the next interest, only to repeat the same pattern of behavior. Like my career as an award winning architect, abstract painting offers endless opportunities to explore a variety of creative artistic alternatives.
A quality abstract painting should motivate the mind, lift the spirit and inspire the soul. 
An abstract painting is a pure application of creative energy. Painting abstracts is a pure and fun way to employ creative energy and create something that has the potential to have enduring cultural value.
Full understanding of an abstract work of art is not required to enjoy it.
Like most quality work, God is in the details. The more one observes one of my paintings, the more one looks closely and studies the complexities that create the overall composition, the more one will see to appreciate and enjoy. 
Abstracts provide an ever changing composition of color, form, and points of interest.
My thanks to those who take the time to read this and study these creative efforts.  They, and many others I have been privileged to paint are for sale, and like most art, may only become more valuable with time.  Contact me if you are interested in commenting or purchasing. [...]

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