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My two passions in life have been art and technology and after my retirement I am blessed to be able to utilize both to produce unique works of fine art. Art to me is a blend of visual stimulation with embedded emotion that produces a sensory and emotional reaction within the viewer. Most of my pieces have an emotional story behind them that inspired me to create the piece.


Artist Ravi has been sculpting and painting for over 20 years as a hobby and following his retirement from business is now producing unique works of fine art. He combines traditional techniques of sculpting and painting with modern digital technology to produce mixed media pieces. Every original piece is made entirely in the studio using a combination of traditional materials and proprietary polymers and metals. Some pieces are hand sculpted from clay but most start with a digital creation by the artist using modern computing technology. Part by part a composition is digitally created and then produced using multiple technologies. All the parts are then painstakingly put together and where needed hand sculpted with epoxy clay. Each piece is then hand finished with sanding and coating/painting with a variety of metal and other finishes.
Some pieces are cast in bronze at a foundry while others are available as original mixed media pieces.


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