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Skye the Art of Mixed Media & Chelsea Koressel
The spirit of an artist is said to be exquisitely captured within their body of work through many dynamic elements.  Medium alone can say so much about the energy and nature of an artist.  In the case of Florida based artist Raven Skye McDonough, her personality is one eclectic, vivacious presence seen in her vibrant mixed media, non-traditional collage work.  Employing layer upon layer of different patterned papers, Raven Skye combines intense color, texture, and pattern to create glorious scenes from nature, drawing the viewer in to explore the vibrant tapestry of her art.  In addition, her use of patterned papers instead of solid color, as well as one of her techniques with original photographs, sets Raven Skye apart from her contemporaries.  Her collage work is a true representation of her very creative, unique character.
Raven Skye was born and raised in Marlboro, MA where she grew up in a busy household as the second to youngest out of five children.  Her artistic interest began early on when, as she recalls, “There were no girls my age in my suburban neighborhood; therefore I had a lot of alone time, which I helped to pass by with coloring and drawing.”  At the age of five, she already knew that she wanted to be an artist or a veterinarian when she grew up and with continued practice, her drawing talents were quickly noticed.
As a teenager, Raven Skye maintained an artistic stride by receiving semi private art lessons with the sisters of St. Ann in Marlboro, MA.  “I sharpened my drawing, composition skills, and learned to use pastels,” she states.  “In high school, I was introduced to oil paints and was voted most artistic.”  All of her hard work eventually earned her a scholarship [...]

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