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Ms. Raquel Fernandez
I first started painting in High School and have continued to develop my artistic vision throughout the years. Although mostly self taught, I have taken numerous workshops, painted abroad with local Houston artists, participated in gallery shows as well as the American School in Mexico City. I have sold numerous paintings throughout the years. My experience as a therapist combined with my art experience has been instrumental in working with children who had psychological issues. Bachelor Degree in Psychology from Sacred Heart University in Connecticut Master's Degree in Psychology specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Houston/Clear Lake Approved Supervisor for the American Association Of Marriage and Family Therapy
Artist Statement 
The aesthetics of a scene are inspirational and important to me. I set out to work with bright, uplifting colors and beautiful scenery. I work in layers; building my work through numerous glazes until I achieve the desired effect which is a realistic painting that is usually intricate and time consuming. This process provides me not only with the results I seek, vibrancy and interest, but also with a sense of peacefulness and accomplishment. I like to work from photographs taken in different places where I have traveled to and then look for the parts of the photographs that could bring about the bright colors I desire to have in my painting.

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