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Dr. Mark Wourms, Executive Director at Bernheim Arboretum said upon seeing Raphael's images for the first time, "Don't ever tell me that flowers cannot be sexy!"
Raphael Sloane's later imagery of whirling and dancing flowers released from their tethers, would harken back to his almost magical childhood. Having spent much time alone in the woods of Connecticut wandering in what was a rather safe environment, he had license to dream and imagine what if!
Raphael’s father, an amateur photographer, introduced his son to photography by gifting him a Kodak Brownie for his seventh birthday. This sparked his lifelong passion.
After majoring in Art History and English Literature in college, Raphael was enticed to come to Los Angeles by a friend who was in the film program at USC. It was an exciting time to become a part of and witness the new age of cinema. He went on to work as a motion picture cameraman with Francis Ford Coppola, John Cassavetes and others. All the while he passionately continued honing his still photography and darkroom skills. Sam Francis the California Painter was so taken by his vision that he helped Sloane get a grant from the Janss Foundation.
In 2000 Raphael developed a method more suited to his botanical work. The flatbed scanner offered image quality that he had never seen before. His images elicited a 3D quality that left viewers with a desire to touch them.
By freeing the flowers from their stems he has been able to create a new genre of botanical art.
Raphael Sloane was quoted saying “I photograph flowers and mushrooms not in the way the world perceives them, but rather in the manner they see each other.”
Our garden summer of 2020
Raphael and his wife Huli, a chef, reside in Southern California. There they lovingly tend to their gardens, which produce [...]

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