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Artist Statement:
Artwork and drawing had been my passion from very young age. I can say that it is my escapade from the world of uncertainty in my life. I found peace and comfort by being with my creative process. I love to create art from any and every kind of material. I love to paint what I observe in the world around me. The lifestyle that I was brought up did not encourage my artistic skills. Though it was subdued during most of my growing years, it remained as an obsession within me, like a passionate love affair where private thoughts and intense emotions are allowed free reign and imagination flowed with no boundaries.I discovered pastel medium after I came to America in 90s and painting with pastel had been my passion ever since. Pastel can be used with much spontaneity, or with attention to precise detail. The directness of the medium enables me to put down on paper what I see, with an immediacy that allows my creativity to flow. No waiting for paint to dry, no liquids to mess with, no brushes necessary; just the stick in my fingers contacting the paper. My tools are just my fingers holding the piece of pastel, and my eyes trying to see the exact reality. The process itself is as wonderful as the thrill of the original visual sensation. The colors offered in pastel appeal to my love of the amazing colors I see in nature, from the brilliant sky and water colors to the nuance of hues seen in the tiniest vein of a leaf. I love the process. It is glorious!I was able to unleash my yearning to draw only in recent past. I am grateful to God for making my desire and passion to draw come true amidst so many odds. To [...]

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