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My name is Randi Marie Schonning and I was lucky enough to have been born with a decent amount of creative potential, into a family who valued talent and had the means to support its growth. My parents adored music and so I became a musician with a Masters in violin performance. About mid career I discovered that I was not suited to the life of a performer and so I stepped off stage and started teaching, which is something I still love doing.
Through all these challenges and changes, I was always exploring different art forms - taking classes in drawing, in acrylic landscape and portraiture, sculpting in clay and stone, learning glass mosaic and oriental calligraphy and yes even a class or two in watercolour. And all the while, I was looking for that spacious place I could often access while playing the violin, looking to feel a similar "at homeness" in one of these art forms , but it kept eluding me. I’m pretty sure this had more to do with the constant companionship of the critic and the judge sitting on my shoulders than the art form I was learning at the time!
About five years ago, I sat down to paint a portrait of a rose in watercolour for a dear friend's birthday and I was surprised to realize there was quiet while I worked and that I was even enjoying the process. All those classes had distilled into a feeling of being present for what seemed like the first time, and I saw the beauty of the colours on the crystal white surface of the paper , took pleasure in the easy flow of the brush dipped in water and pigment ,and above all saw light bloom on the paper! I was hooked.
And that is my story.

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