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Any artist strives to express themselves through their work, hoping to share their insights and experiences with those who witness their efforts. For most of his life, Canadian artist Randall Wilson has endeavored to express himself through his artwork.  For him, this has been both challenging and rewarding. 
His art has been influenced by many artists, including: Robert Bateman, Andrew Wyeth, and the Group of Seven artists to name a few. However, the biggest influence on his artistic career was his secondary school art teacher, Ross Bateman, brother of Robert.  Ross encouraged those students he felt had the ability and drive, to pursue a career in the arts. It was Ross who felt Randall should look in that direction. Randall followed that advice and pursued a career in Landscape Design. His interest in painting re-emerged after graduation from college, and has continued to this day.
Randall's work is a reflection of his interests and his desire to foster an appreciation of the world around us.  Since the mid nineteen-eighties Randall has developed his style and talents into an award winning career, having won numerous awards, notably Ducks Unlimited Canada - Artist of the Year and having his work shown in several prestigious exhibits, including annual invitation to the Federal Duck Stamp competition.  Today his paintings hang throughout North America and Europe.
During the early years of the new millennium, Randall began to develop an interest in subjects other than wildlife and began to paint landscapes in a style reminiscent of the impressionists. 
    "I strive to create art that is interesting, believable and understandable.  I can only hope my art speaks for itself.  The natural world is endlessly abundant with intriguing places and inspiration is everywhere.  The process of re-creating a scene I have encountered into a believable painting is what interests me.
I am not [...]

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