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The Artist Says:

"My plein air painting began after watching the WorldScape series on PBS in 1993, which featured world-renowned marine artist, John Stobart.  I was so excited about the series that I decided to write him a letter.  John's strongest advice was to paint on location.  My first plein air painting was difficult - it was an exhausting 3 hour session for 4 days.  Perhaps I should have used a smaller canvas!  But in time I became more relaxed, quicker with my brushstrokes and very ecstatic about on-site painting.  I have even noticed a transformation in my studio work, as those paintings now appear fresh and alive.  As I continue to watch the countless changes created by light and shadow, I am compelled to capture all the wondrous beauty I see.  These observations are my foundation and continuously develop my intuitive knowledge of drawing and painting."  I believe John Stobart's advice was the biggest positive influence on my painting career."

Collectors Say:

"I have loved paintings all of my life and have only recently been in a position to start collecting. I knew I would have a reaction to Ramona’s painting when I saw it for the first time but it simply took my breath away. I honestly felt I was looking at the work of a master!! It’s more than a little gem, it’s a treasure and it will be well loved and admired in its new home in New Zealand."  - Sian F. (New Zealand)
"Ramona has captured the magic of a twilight moment between daylight and dark in "Waterloo Village Evening". A snow covered hill glows with colors, and the delicate lace of shadows from winter bare branches falls across the landscape. Weatherworn buildings share this peaceful scene with all the beauties of nature - a single twinkling window draws the viewer's eye to the point where woods melt into sky. I am so fortunate to be able to delight in this little jewel of a painting every day -- it will bring joy for many years to come."  - Carol K.
"I looked out my daughter's kitchen window and there in her garden, I saw these few lovely rosebuds - the last of the season. I immediately ran outside, first to have one last sniff at their fragrance, then gently cut them away from their mother branch. Yes, I was going to enjoy these last beauties as long as they lived. Then, an idea occurred to me - why not have them immortalized in a painting, and that is exactly what I set out to do. The very next day my friend, Ramona Dooley, whose paintings are renowned, was kind enough and up to this task. Therefore, this oil painting of my beloved 'rosebuds', now reside in my daughter's lovely home, which is enjoyed by friends and family alike. My sincere thanks and appreciation to you, Ramona." - Adriana Z.


Plein Air/Alla Prima (wet on wet single session).  In Italian alla prima means "at first attempt"
From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the Lord's name is to be praised. Ps 113:3
"It is a constant challenge and continuing inspiration to successfully paint on canvas a portion of God's Masterpiece.  Because Nature is my teacher, I believe my paintings are living paintings so I call my paintings PAINTINGS WITH A HEARTBEAT(T). When I go outdoors to paint, I absorb Nature - the Creator's Masterpiece - to breathe life into my paintings."©2010

Ramona (Ribaudo) Dooley has been painting since 1970.  "In 1993, I met world-renowned marine artist, John Stobart.  His strongest advice to me was to paint on location".
I am a four seasons plein air painter and a strong advocate for painting outdoors.  My studio works, while decidedly impressionistic in style, are based on plein air studies and photographs.  

Below:  "The Shed" My First Plein Air Painting (1993)

"There is an inside and an outside to everything.  The literal world with all its wonderful manifestations is but the outside of God's great book of Nature.  It is only an occasional peep that we can get into the inside of the book; but from even this we are astounded at the wonders that are found within.  Behind the majestic mountains that raise their lofty heads into the very heavens: above the shining sun that bathes us with light, health and joy, and beyond the glittering stars that sparkle like gems in the canopy of the heavenly expanse, there are wonders whose manifestations will sometimes overwhelm us with delight and ecstasy.  The earth in its various forms and the great universe at large are the outward manifestations of [...]

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