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As an artist I see the world around me as the gift of sight and a celebration of why we see in color. Having started painting in 2003, my focus has developed into creating inviting compositions leaning towards bold color and strong contrasts. For me the intensity generated by color, contrast, light and darkness, brings energy and life to the artwork.
My studies began at my local community college, yet the endless desire to fuel an artistic connection, along with so many questions, were mainly satisfied by visits to the San Diego Museum of Art. Here I would stand surrounded by an enormous worldly collection of fine art thinking; “this is where I am meant to be.” I would always find a spot to view The Penitent Magdalen (Vanitas) by Jusepe de Ribera, where I would gaze for what seemed like hours in awe and silent wonderment at the flesh tones, realism and emotion.
My paintings become an extension of everything about me, another language, and my hope is to contribute to the conversation and continuation of fine art.
Affiliations - Oil Painters of America - Associate Member
New for fall and winter 2019 there is a line up of many unique compositions stemming from my love of Tenebrism and Realism in what is my first still life series, and I am truly excited to add them to my portfolio as each is completed.
Fresh off the easel is painting number four.
"Hold It Together"
Third in the still life series.
"Laced Together"



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