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The canvas is a welcome place, it brings people together and generates a conversation. My favorite subjects are quite frankly...everything, and I’ve grown to embrace this. In fact painting a still life can cleanse my palette for a landscape waiting in the wings. 
I paint with oils and adore their slow drying properties that allow me time to meditate, time to embrace the subject matter, the intense color that often gets my heart rate up and makes me feel alive. I have to admit this comes from an affinity towards tenebrism, a style that dominated early Renaissance artworks. The mystery and richness of the illuminated color emerging from a dark background always takes my breath away.
Words often escape me but with a brush I can attempt to explain. I can honor generations of artists before me by paying it forward, with a brush stroke I can give a nod to the past and at the same time contribute to the artistic link in the chain. With realism on one shoulder joined by painterly on the other I approach the canvas, and the conversation begins. My greatest hope is to contribute to the conversation and continuation of fine art.
Searching for a better understanding of the artistic compulsion I enrolled at Miramar Community College in San Diego, CA, and started with Art History to help answer a list of unanswered questions, such as; "Why do people paint what they do?" I continued with Life Drawing which so eloquently demonstrated the quality of a line, then fell in love with oils during Painting. At the invitation of my professor I participated in an exhibition, then continued my education studying Landscape and Still Life painting at the San Diego Museum of Art. I was hooked! To this day I still have my student ID [...]

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