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Of Russian origin, born in Israel and raised in Italy, Rachela began her life with a multi-cultural upbringing. She pursued her artistic aspirations by attending the Brera Institute of Art in Milan, Italy and the School of Art in Tel Aviv and then continued on to the Art Institute in Bat Yam, Israel. Rachela embarked on her artistic career as a watercolorist, exhibiting her paintings in Israel and United States
 Her paintings reflect the contrast of lines and shapes intermingled with colors and light. . Her paintings reflect the colors of the Tuscan hills, the reflection of Italian port cities on the water, the sadness on a woman’s face and the richness of the colors on the water seen from a venetian bridge.She paint mainly with watercolor and acrylic and sometimes mixing it to achieve the best feeling of the moment.She fully believes in the statement of the famous early 20th century artist Alberto Giacometti “The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity.”

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