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Over 35 years of professional painting gives Rachel Pettit the experience to approach each new canvas with confidence. Her newest practice of painting an occasional abstract gives her latest work a fresher and more painterly quality. Manipulating the paint in different ways can help direct the viewer's eye as it contemplates the painting. Using thick or thin paint, palette knife or brush, soft blended strokes or hard lines, all can effect the outcome of a painting and can add excitement to the piece. Thoughtful color choices and value contrast contribute to the emotional quality as well. Experimenting with new materials and formats gives Rachel the impetus needed to continue working on an almost daily basis. Plein air painting (painting outdoors, from life) remains a favorite method. Speed and a well-trained eye and hand are needed to capture the most appealing and fleeting scenes of early morning and late afternoon. These paintings are often filled with expressive brushwork and spontaneity. Continuing to be challenged in this way restores the memories of natural light, values, and colors that are so important to bring a sense of place to the work.

Born in Wisconsin, she moved with her family to Scottsdale, Arizona at a young age and spent her childhood in the southwest, traveling, camping and exploring. This instilled a great love of the outdoors which later was continued as a love of landscape painting. Her training has been through workshops and classes with regional and national masters including George Carlson, Scott Christensen, Delbert Gish, William Reese, and Kathryn Stats. With the encouragement of these great artists, her paintings have taken on an impressionistic style, one which captures the essence or spirit of the subject and conveys it to the viewer. Her constant dedication to painting, as well as the study of contemporary and past [...]

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