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I love science and I love art, because they are two sides of a coin. In college I took a variety of art courses and I have always been creative. I have enjoyed working in different media, but in the end I have gravitated to painting. I paint because I am only half alive if I don’t.I painted abstracts with acrylics in college and then for several years after that I did not paint at all. I attended a show by T. Allen Lawson in the early 1990s when he was just emerging as an accomplished landscape painter. I purchased several of Tim’s early paintings and was so energized and inspired by his work I decided to take up oils and move toward a more realistic style.I was lucky to grow up in Wyoming, where you have to look at what is around you differently than you would if you grew up in a city. So much in nature is camouflaged – wildlife may be sitting virtually under your nose – and you have to develop a keen and perceptive eye in order to recognize all the subtle nuances. Learning to see keenly has helped me become a better painter. I find that the more I study my subject matter the more I learn about it visually, about its essence and about how it interacts with light. Even after looking at something for hours or even days, I can always see something new.Over time painting has enhanced my visual and intellectual perception. As any artist knows, you have to first see, then intellectually process that visual information, before you can translate it in a creative work and that is a very life enriching enterprise. Once you become an artist it changes forever how you see everything and it is like [...]

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