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I really started painting watercolors in 2005 after a surgery, when I had several weeks to myself and was unable to walk.  I had always wanted to paint watercolor, but thought they were too "hard".  My mother had a wonderful natural talent, and my goal is still to paint as well as she did.  I have taken classes and workshops from Christie Henspetter in Santa Fe, Jan Hart in Costa Rica, and Seattle, and Paul Jackson in Portland, Oregon. Check out their websites!
My family moved from the Midwest to Oregon when I was 12, and I am eternally grateful. I love the northwest, and the western US in general. Scenery, animals, plants, ocean, all of it. I have a BS and MS in Geology and have done environmental clean up work for 25 years.    I paint mostly from my own photographs of animals and plants.  I paint still lifes and plein aire whenever possible.  I do some private pet portraits, to date, I have done potraits of dogs, cats, and horses.
Painting makes me feel alive, relaxes me, excites, me and challanges me to go beyond what I have done before. Painting makes me see the world in new ways, and I see life and beauty everywhere.
I now live in Portland, Oregon.  Love the northwest.
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