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Hello, I am the "PupArtist" - otherwise known as Marion Evamy. I have been painting these “large as life” dog portraits since 1998. Since then, more than 1000 dogs have been immortalized for their loving owners, who now have an original work of art that is a happy reminder of one of life’s best pleasures! If you’re here, you already know that your dog is the perfect subject for his or her own portrait. All portraits are painted from a photograph of your dog, and we consult about the colours and nuances you would like to see in the finished artwork. All portraits are hand painted original works of art, completed on gallery canvas in highly durable acrylic paint. I send ‘progress’ shots of the painting to keep you up to date as the portrait reaches its’ final stages. 
Paintings are based on photographs that you provide.  Completed portraits can be shipped anywhere in the world.
All these works of art are painted on professional grade exhibition canvases, which are “life size” and range from
16” x 16” to 4 feet by 6 feet.  Custom sizes can be created.
Please contact me via email to discuss immortalizing your best friend.
PRICE RANGE (Canadian Dollars)

SMALL:  16" x 16"  $1150 CDN  
20" x 20"  $1550 CDN
20" x 24" $2000 CDN
MEDIUM: 24" X 24"  $2250  CDN  
22" x 28"  $2400 CDN
24" x 30" $2650 CDN
LARGE:  30" X 30"  $3000 CDN
30" x 36" $3300 CDN
30" x 40" $3700 CDN
36" x 36"  $4000 CDN
EXTRA LARGE: 36" X 48"  $4500 CDN
40" x 40"  $4400 CDN
48" x 48"  $5750  CDN
48" x 60"  $7200 CDN
2 dogs on one larger canvas is the cost of the canvas size, plus 20% for the second dog.
Price is based on the size of canvas and custom sizes are available. 
I do not paint AN [...]

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