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I have enjoyed working in a variety of mediums which has taught me to explore the elements of art in texture, shape, line, color and composition and how they relate to one another.  My focus is oil on canvas.  I use broken cubist like lines to shatter and distort the representational subject. In this way I wish to depict the composition in fractured light and color.  I look to Picasso, Braque and Cezanne for inspiration.  Their work was bold and innovative as they pioneered the contemporary art movement.  I wish to draw from them and to represent what I see in a bold, thought provoking way as they did.  As an artist it is increasingly important to be surrounded with other artists and art.  We can push each other to grow, continually learning and exploring.  Throughout history many generations of artist's have reaped the reward of their community.  I am married to a professional artist and together we have participated in art shows across the United States and Canada.  I feel privileged to see firsthand many kinds of art and the amazing artists that are contributing to art as a whole.  I believe art is for everyone. It is as much the viewers as the person who creates it.  We barrow for our life's experiences.  An artist is just one of those people who get to share their vision and adventures. 

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