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Priscilla's abiding and deepening love of paint began at the age of six when she did her first oil painting using her mother's twisted tubes of color.  In that first painting, the young Priscilla attempted to paint a boy wrapped in beautiful brocade fabric.   Half a century later she  continues to explore the forms of fabric and the mysteries of how we as creators of the cloth use textiles to protect and adorn ourselves and our environments.  Priscilla is a color/texture thinker who sees the weave of fibers and the fabric like quality of even the landscape.  "The earth and sky are, after all, our ultimate bed and blanket."   Even her scapes of land, sea and sky are designed to call our attention to the varying textures and nuances of colors  the natural elements have woven around us.  Her current series of people wrapped in the textiles of their cultures  was inspired by gifts  to her of beautiful ethnic fabrics.  Priscilla believes that we have little time to appreciate the native adornment of our world's cultures before all ethnic groups are wearing jeans and T-shirts.  
Priscilla begins a painting with strong brush work.   After that surface has dried, she resurfaces the canvas weaving paint with both brush and palette knife often obliterating all but the essentials of the underpainting.  Her faces come from friends, family, models, and photography.  She's been known to stop people in the grocery store and ask if she can snap a photo of their fascinating face or of the intriguing garment  they are wearing.  "Most are happy to cooperate."    While Priscilla's travels to Mexico and Europe have inspired her, most of her subject matter is generated by the people and places of Santa Barbara.  "We are fortunate to live in a very cosmopolitan [...]

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