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Although I have a college degree in design, I am self-taught as a painter. As a full-time graphic artist for over 30 years, I studied and painted in watercolor, but upon retiring I discovered plein air oils, and was immediately captivated. My plein air works take their main inspiration from the early California Impressionists who uniquely captured the vitality and beauty of the region in a direct and unmannered style. In my work, I try to capture the quiet beauty and serene elegance of the surrounding landscape. Subtle color, a sense of light and a unique sense of serenity are the things I try to capture in my painting as I feel those things best reflect the quiet beauty of the world around us. It is my good fortune to be able to offer my paintings to those of you who respond to those elements of nature in the same way as I do.
After a successful career in corporate and securities law, Larry rediscovered his passion for photography.  He uses natural light and high-quality digital equipment to capture wildlife and landscapes in distinct manners that illuminate their unique characteristics.  In his wildlife photography he tries to capture an emotional connection with his subjects. In his landscape images he tries to find light and angles to add magical or mystical perspectives to his images.  More of Larry's work may be seen at www.classvimages.com.
Inna is interested in the exploration of the intricate interplay between the world and human mind in its most beautiful form. The still life compositions and landscapes she paints are reflections of this enigmatic entanglement of mind and reality. They fuse together the real world, her vision of the world and her emotions brought to life by beautiful flowers or by gorgeous sunsets.Inna believes the true art is [...]

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