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Abstract Expressionist artist Porcia Stewart creates Art, Space, Conversation.  She enjoyed a fast-paced lifestyle and the stress of corporate America.  The ocean was always calling.  Porcia finds intense energy and freedom when she is in the paint.  A thought-provoking visual journey awaits.
Porcia is an emerging artist navigating her way into the art scene around the globe.  "I can feel it in my soul,"  she says.  "I want everyone, not just those who are financially wealthy, to enjoy the benefits of art."  When asked what her wish for you is, "I hope you find power, solace and freedom in a few of my pieces.  Let them take you somewhere new.  Help me bring a smile to someone else's face.  Thank you for enjoying my art.  Hugs!!"
As you explore Porcia's creations, she hopes that you will consider the deeper aspects of life.

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