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Walter and Marie Popp both studied at the Art Students League in Although  30 plus years of  magazine and book illustration produced  numerous works for detective stories, westerns, and gothic mysteries among others,  it was the theme of romance which they found the most compelling and for which they began their truly collaborative efforts.

Throughout the 1950’s and 60’s, Walter worked alone on illustrations and the Popps’ “collaboration” was limited to raising a large family of nine children, with Marie doing some figurative paintings in between a very busy home life. She also served as a model for many of her husband’s early illustrations for adventure magazines which often depicted beautiful women in peril. Art experts have described Walter as a "good, solid, skillful artist who demonstrated a tremendous amount of imagination" and who "painted realistically and drew figures really well."  (N.Y. Times Sept. 2002).

By the 1970's Walter saw his hard work beginning to pay off.  His freelance work was in such demand by publishers who watched  books with his covers quickly moving off the shelves that he had a choice to make: [...]

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