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The southeastern United States has a wealth of natural beauty from coastal salt marshes and barrier islands, to bucolic farmlands and deep deciduous forests. Our towns and cities are steeped in history and architectural elegance: the antebellum homes, colonial churches, courthouses and lighthouses. Throughout every state, one can see colorful reminders of a grand heritage in Southern landscapes and cityscapes.
With so many themes from which to choose, the Southeast has long inspired artists to commit its evocative subjects to canvas. We, the Plein Air Painters of the Southeast (PAP-SE), are an organization of professional plein air painters bound by a common passion to promote the traditional methods of painting en plein air.Dee Beard Dean founded PAP-SE in 2001. Dean had a dream to build a professional organization of painters living and working in the southeastern United States. Encouraged by collectors, museums and gallery directors who were expressing interest in having one place where they can view the ongoing works of notable southern artists, the newly-formed Plein Air Painters of the Southeast designed a website, www.pap-se.com, to fulfill this purpose.The mission of this early core group of painters was threefold: 1) to hone their painting skills through the demanding rigors of painting outdoors; 2) to enjoy the camaraderie and shared knowledge of fellow plein air painters; and, 3) to raise awareness and appreciation of this traditional method of painting among art collectors and connoisseurs. To maintain a high level of professionalism and expertise, they decided to create a juried organization and to add only a few new members every year.Academic training and professional recognition matter in their selective process, but outstanding talent is the main criterion. Most members are primarily oil painters though several of the painters are also accomplished pastel artists. Says Dean, "Looking back, how proud I am of this association of distinguished painters, whose level of [...]

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