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Pirrie Aves Bingham grew up in a creative family; her parents are both writers and artists and always encouraged Pirrie and her sisters in their artistic endeavors.  Born and raised in Michigan, she completed her bachelor’s degree at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and graduate work at the University of DePaul in Chicago.  Pirrie worked as an English and Spanish teacher in Mexico, California, and Chicago before settling in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 2000. 
Pirrie first began painting with oil in 2006, and she has not stopped since.  She has studied with artists Andy Braitman and Curt Butler.  In her work, Pirrie hopes to evoke a sense of peace and wonder.  Using brushwork, a palette knife and washes, she creates luminescence and depth in her pieces.  Many of Pirrie’s suggestive landscapes are from her favorite North Carolina walking paths, beaches and mountains, but she also draws inspiration from a lifetime of summers on the shores of Lake Michigan as well as her extensive travels.
Currently, Pirrie and her husband are busy raising their three boys and two dogs in South Charlotte.  

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