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Phyllis Pransky is an American painter educated in the principles of fine art. Her primary method of painting is in oils on canvas. She prefers painting in the style of alla prima, simple and direct. When light falls upon a subject and causes it to be beautiful, she can't resist accepting the challenge to paint it. Therefore, her subject matter is varied: still-life, portraiture, floral, landscape, seascape, interiors, beach scenes, architectural scenes. Painting en plein air takes her to locations across the globe. Her paintings are meant to be of meditative quality that will seduce viewers into its scene and influence an individual interpretation.
Phyllis' highest goal is to transform her thoughts through images and portray a three dimensional life onto a one dimensional surface. She aims to capture what inspires her the most, romantic, luminous, opulent, and healing light. She studies the rhythm and the movement of light on the subject, whether that be clouds or matter.  Light flows through a painting and causes patterns of shadows that help emphasize believable three dimensional form.
Phyllis begins a painting by mushing grayed colors around the canvas is the stage of her story. It shows her expression and her initial excitement and enthusiasm for the subject. She applies these gray shapes in swift movements.  These initial shapes and values are the under-painting, the foundation, sketch or armature.  She then commits to the dark and light patterns, accents, and highlights and applies them to the grayed shapes using very intentional brush strokes, some of which will be pure clean color.
Every painting is a story.
This process is like producing a theatrical play on canvas - a story with each shape representing a character and creative decisions that define the process. As in any production, there is a hero or heroin, a main character, and a supporting [...]

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