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1948 - Born in Framingham, Massachusetts P. Finnemore joins the forefront of Baby Boomers.
1972 - 2010 Finnemore travels the world pursuing career tracks first in Publishing and then in the new frontier of Computers.
2011 - ongoing Finally with a secure future, she is able to turn to her passion, painting. Tutored by Jean Crow, Driftwood, Texas, established still life painter and colorist.
2012 - Enrolled in Color and Glazing Master Class and Composition with Edward Povey, abstract and symbolist painter and world-renounded Artist and Art Lecturer.
2012 - 2015 Invited to join The Austin Atelier by Edward Povey and Donna Tolar Schultz. Weekly study of art theory, classical techniques, museum archival materials and methods with studio practice.
2015 - Begins collection of painting. Studio work, private sales and commissions.
2017 - Launches P. Finnemore Fine Art website.
2018 - Present. Tutored by Graydon Parrish, Austin, Texas. Establishing firm foundation in skills of classical painting.
From Edward Povey - "Finnemore's art has a quality which has generally deserted the world. During the brutalizing process of the 20th Century art lost its warmth and sensuality - inevitably perhaps, as the inherent integrity of the artist rightly reflected a disenchantment with authority, and a loss of faith. Ironically the 'honesty' of Post-modernism turned its back on the full-hearted commitment of previous eras in art, and replaced it with a chilly cerebral reflection of humanity. For those with the eye to see it, Finnemore's paintings and drawings carry a solidity and a visceral contentedness, along with a modesty which is rare now - at a time when artists seem so preoccupied with the mission of amazing society."

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