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Phoebe Smith is an American artist who is currently involved in a love affair with the pastel medium. She moved from Chicago to Skagit County, Washington in 2014 with a certificate in Botanical Illustration from the Morton Arboretum and with many years of watercolor practice under artist/mentor Bobbie Brown. Once introduced to the pastel medium by teachers Ellen Rottsolk and Laverne Bohlin, she further developed her pastel skills by taking workshops from Lorenzo Chavez, Ned Mueller, Barbara Jaenicke, Teresa Saia, and Susan Ogilvie, among others. And by practicing, of course. 
Pastels are often described as a medium somewhere between pencil and paint.  It can be applied delicately, "like the dust on butterfly wings" , but it can also be applied with pressure and gusto to pack a punch of colors reminiscent of fireworks.   Phoebe takes advantage of this, draping the medium both delicately and powerfully across her paper, using her strong observational and drawing skills and her sensitive choice of colors. Her most recent body of work consists of representational landscape paintings of both Western and Eastern Washington. She strives to transform paint to poetry by sensitively rendering both atmosphere and time of day. Look at her work to see if she has been successful at capturing these qualities. 
Phoebe is a member of Northwest Pastel Society, Skagit Artists and Salish Sea Pleinair Painters, and she is a regular attendee of International Association of Pastel Artists Conferences. 
My Statement
Art is a means of expressing part of what it means to be human and to be sensitively aware of one’s surroundings.  It’s the noticing of, the study of, the response to, and the attempt to capture in colors, shapes and textures, not in words, both the ordinary and the breathtaking in our midst.   It’s quite an ambitious endeavor and a very exciting one too!
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