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I discovered my love for watercolor in high school, attracted to the lovely, sometimes delicate effects achieved by blending transparent pigments on wet paper. John Pike’s book, titled simply “Watercolor”, a gift from my high school art teacher, formed the basis of my knowledge of painting.
I was fortunate to get a job in commercial art at age 18, was married at age 21, and began raising a family, and have spent the last 35 years in the commercial art profession. It was only recently that I was inspired to once again take up painting after visiting with a few exceptional watercolor artists at the Plaza Art Fair in Kansas City, saying to my wife, “I’d love to do this.” Her response: “I’d love to be the wife of the artist!” Since that day, I've passionately pursued painting subjects I love and making paintings that others will enjoy.
My knowledge and skills as a graphic designer greatly influence my work as a fine artist. All of my paintings are carefully planned with composition in mind. My photo references are often manipulated on the computer, adjusting the composition, simplifying the subject, studying value patterns, adjusting hue and saturation, making as many versions as necessary to create a pleasing design. I often paint a quick, postcard-sized sketch in grayscale as a value study. The next step is often a small practice painting of around 9 x 12 inches to confirm color choices and to determine the areas that will pose the biggest challenges when painted larger. It is not unusual for more than one practice painting to precede the attempt at a painting of 18 x 24 inches or bigger.
As a fine artist, I divide my time between shooting photo references for my art, drawing and painting, and studying constantly to become a better artist. I'm always looking for new venues to show my [...]

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