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     Immersing myself in nature has been a process of renewal and regeneration for me. I seek out places where I feel calm, and connected to the earth, or the past. The inspiration comes from years of observation, with a sense when the compelling elements look like a painting to me. So I then try and paint it!
     After 20 years of working as a commercial photographer, surmounting the demise of film and the ascent of the digital age, I began to paint. This urge was born out of the desire to distance myself from the dependency on technology, (at least for a few hours while I'm painting).  I wanted to go back to the basics of image making, blank canvas,  primary colors, be there!
     Painting directly from nature, is the method of painting that I derive the most satisfaction from. The time constraints of changing light require a distillation of the scene, a true, but artistic rendering of what's unfolding before my eyes. The spontaneity of this style is exciting and each work I create is unique, much like a sporting event, you know the rules, but never quite know exactly how the game is going to go.
     I take great pride in knowing that I'm part of the tradition of painters who convey the beauty of the world around us, and hope that it helps instill a desire to covet and protect the earth. I encourage people to look at their surroundings with an artists eye, perhaps stop and pause in front of a scene, enjoy the moment before the cell phone rings or they're back in traffic.

I hope that my work can provide you with a moment of calm or reflection when you need one.

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