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Philip Taylor is a former professional furniture maker and carver who fell in love with painting figurative works.  His art education includes classes with Scott Eaton and Scott Waddell through online video classes;  Ray Bustos, Glenn Vilppu, Karl Gnass and Steve Huston through New Masters Academy; and by being a member of Rational Painting where he was greatly helped by Richard Murdock and Ron Francis.
Philip's work is a combination of a firm foundation in rational realism combined with many imagined elements such as costume, patterns and architecture.  Never quite a pure realist, he almost always adds imagined elements and color schemes to his compositions, which tend to be rather formal. He also welcomes commissioned artwork and portraits in his own style, with many years experience in the commissioning process.
Philip has been married to his wife Susan for 28 years and they have four sons and live in a house they built themselves on 300 plus acres in west Texas.

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