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My formal education consists of a degree in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) and a masters in Business Administration (MBA) and a career in communications.  Upon retiring to Arizona I soon discovered the history of the ancient Southwest ruin sites.  Hiking and visits to the many National Parks increased my interest into the history of the the ancient cliff dwellings found at places like Mesa Verde, Chaco Canyon, Betatakin and Keet Seel and the Hopi Mesas.  The structures and the techniques used to erect these dwellings have survived for nearly 800 years.  I marveled at how the ancients created dwellings that in some cases exceeded 20-30 feet in height with no fasteners, cutting tools, or scaffolding and for several years I have been creating artistic tabletop sculptural recreations of these ruin sites.  Many of the sculptures are designed with rotating bases to allow the sculpture to be displayed from many different angles. 
A self trained artist, I have improved my skills through classes taken at the Sedona Arts Center in sculpting, pastels, inks, fiber clay techniques and drawing.

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