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Traditional artist from the Czech Republic with an aim for mainly figurative art.

Mission Statement:
Creating what I love in hopes that those original, hand painted pictures can bring beauty in homes all over the word. The feeling that someone appreciates my creation and is willing to make it a part of one's life is the most welcoming and gratifying thing in the World. 
Formal construction engineer that left the field to follow his inner child. With help of online mentoring (namely New Masters Academy) and lessons from the old masters (as we all know them - the verge of 19th and 20th century). He has deeply fell in love with realism and traditional craftsmanship. Oils and Charcoal are the mediums of his choice. The emphasis is on poetic quality of strokes more than tight rendering. When you put too much information in, you can rob your audience to find their meaning in the piece.
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Awarded as a honourable mention in November 2020 BoldBrush Competition for a painting "End of Summer"

Winner of New Master Academy January 100 hand Challenge for Craftsmanship in the topic of hands:


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