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 I endeavor to include and combine intense natural, industrial and traditional materials not seen elsewhere in art forms or in combinations like these.   Found objects, scraps, coal dust, metal shavings all have a permanent place in many of these works.    My works bridge visual art and objects which represent technologies that are constantly being replaced.  Art living on top of fleeting technologies. Creating movement, depth and interest beyond the new technologies of video art and artificial light sources.    Some of these works also feel like sound. Sometimes soft and sweeping, but mostly edgy, rockish, blues, indie. High energy. They include the music I am hearing from the outside, feeling on the inside.    They are also flashes of memory, traces, scenes, colors from world travel and local moments.  From seeing both crisis and peace.  Violence to love. Feel it. Feel the energy, the emotions.    Some works deal with important subject matters and messaging: our planet, mutual respect, love, natural beauty, freedom, politics, wonder and more find places in this collection.  Many works are WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get - purely visual, experiential, sensory. Just see, feel, let go and allow the work take you places, to tell you about it’s self, sometimes about you.   These are my works and some from my daughter, Avignon (an even better artist). Our lives are coming together again, she at age 14, I at 71.    To me, the value is in our works, not in a CV. My background is very independent and diverse. You will not know me from a list of references to exhibits or shows. I have no interest in being that traditional list of presumed bona fides. My work is my experience, my emotions, my passions, my philosophy...ever growing, ever changing. Meet me or zoomcall and [...]

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