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 I'm the only person I know who was born in Berkeley proper. The Berkeley hospital my mom went to no longer exists, and Alta Bates, the hospital that now serves that area, is in Oakland right on the other side of the city limit.
My father painted with oils in his leisure time and produced exceptional works. Kemper Stone, my friend since childhood, could draw things to make one's jaw drop: once I watched him compose a detailed rhinoceros coming out of a snail shell on a ditto master, which of course brooked no corrections. Seeing his excellence with a pen or pencil and my father's series of wonderful paintings led me to believe I should not attempt anything in the visual arts.
But later in life I looked for a means of expression beside writing, and I chose watercolors because they didn't require exact drawing and I didn't want to work in the medium of my father.
I still only do watercolors. My paintings and my newsletters are my statements so I'll go no further here. I hope you enjoy them.

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