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Peter Nissler was born in Seattle,WN. in 1940. Early in his life he was attracted to creating designs and drawing pictures. His life in Washington was the beginning of a life that is focused on the beauty of the outdoors, and all the different activities that you can participate in while outside. As a young boy, camping and backpacking with his twin brother while they were in Boy Scouts helped to deepen his appreciation for nature and the outdoors. When he was 12 years old he backpacked for 10 days with his Boy Scout troop and crossed the Cascade range in Washington. Later that year his family moved to Santa Barbara to begin a new chapter in their life . One of the first things the two brothers did was join a Boy Scout troop and continued backpacking and camping in the High Sierras and the coastal ranges in California. Countless hours were also spent around the docks and boats in the harbor.
Moving to California also meant a change in schools, and in junior high school he took his first art class. He  now had the opportunity  to draw and paint with instruction. He designed cartoon characters and practiced painting many styles of lettering and text. Working at Walt Disney later on was an idea that intrigued him. He was very busy when school elections came around and other students wanted posters and banners painted for their campaigns. His teacher for 3 years, Merrill Remick, told his parents that he should develop his talent and consider art in some form as a vocation. Peter instead chose college prep courses, college, and ultimately dental school, a profession which requires artistic skills and manual dexterity. Painting and drawing became a part-time hobby for many years.
Years later his intuitive wife suggested that he take [...]

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