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Peter Nelsonís studio is located twelve miles west of Sedona, within the Coconino National Forest on the high desert of northern Arizona.  The studio also serves as his personal gallery where he can display his most recent body of work for interested visitors.  Peter is accomplished in both watercolor and oil mediums.  
Born and raised in New England, Peter moved to Arizona as an engineering student in 1980.  After working in the aerospace industry and after running his own business, in 1995 he decided to pursue his passion, fine art.  By studying the work of Andrew Wyeth, John Singer Sargent and Winslow Homer, (and through much trial and error), Peter taught himself how to embrace the fickle medium of watercolor.  He began selling his watercolor paintings in Maine in 1997.
Each summer, Peter travels to Monhegan Island, Maine.  Monhegan Island has inspired American artists for over 150 years.  Many important historical and contemporary painters value Monhegan for its dramatic coastlines, its rustic buildings and its strong, clear light.  Peterís watercolor, Low Tide, Sunset, is reproduced in the book, The Art of Monhegan Island, by Carl Little.  Peterís work is displayed in the Lupine Gallery on Monhegan Island.
When at home in Sedona, Peter paints high desert landscapes en plein air.  Painting out doors from nature is challenging but is always a tremendous learning experience.  The information gathered from nature is translated into a color palette which can be carried back to the studio and used to make larger works.
Peter is always experimenting with ways to expand his knowledge of painting.  One time tested way to learn about painting is to copy the works of great artists.  ďMaking a successful copy of a Vermeer or a Sargent, requires thinking and moving like the original artist.  Itís a good way to build oneís skill and [...]

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