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I was born in Karlsruhe, Germany, and as a boy, immigrated with my family to the U.S. viaOntario, Canada.After graduating from the University of Houston, I enjoyed a distinguished careeras an architect and designer. I was involved in the design, development and management ofnumerous high-end, high-profile projects, including retail stores for Versace, Max Mara, and Dolce & Gabana,as well as the owner's suite at Reliant Stadium in Houston.I also had a flourishing parallel career in architectural illustration and in the 1990s I began to paint commissionedworks for private clients, first in watercolor and then later moving to oil. Initially I felt more comfortable paintinglandscapes and cityscapes, drawing on my many years as an architectural illustrator, but my interests soon expandedto include urban scenes, seascapes, still life, portraits and animals. I have recently been painting more and more commissioned portraits, which I find both challenging and inspiring. What is the spirit, the light within each of us that animates us? I strive to capture that essence of each person in my portraits.Paris is, I think, the most beautiful and romantic city. I loved lingering and just sinking into the atmosphere and culture of the many cafes and bistros, and I've tried to capture that beauty and energy in my paintings of Paris. I've also painted cafe scenes from locations in the US such as San Francisco, Las Vegas, and New York. There's nothing better than lingering over a glass of wine and observing human interactions at close hand. A bit voyeuristic, perhaps, but a valuable exercise, I think, to help us understand each other.A few years ago I was asked by an organization called Spirit Therapies in Las Vegas to create a painting to be donated at a fundraising auction. Spirit Therapies is a non-profit therapeutic riding center that positively impacts the [...]

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