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I am an eclectic painter interested in exploring many different styles and schools of painting; impressionist, expressionist, representational, and abstraction. Each composition must have an emotional connection for me in order to inspire an acceptable outcome. 
Influences are sometimes hard to define as there are so many, but the great Impressionist Masters, Monet, Renoir and Van Gogh often come to mind and at times Diebenkorn and Klein. More recently, working with Valerie Collymore has helped me to define the kind of work that inspires me, and also how to execute it with a specific signature.  My greatest influence remains the natural palette we all share every day and the opportunity to provide a thought-provoking representation of a scene that evokes an emotion, recognition or a connection for the viewer - something familiar - a scene, the sky, the light, the mood, a gesture, a smile, a face and the relationship to each other. 

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