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I’ve been painting for 30 years.  As a young man I started my own business contracting the painting of billboards. After gathering some years of experience, I signed a contract with a Dallas company and painted their pictorial work in a studio environment for eight years.  With the advent of large printers, I chose to transfer my skills to painting murals.  My clients have included PepsiCo, GE, Southwest Airlines, Landry’s (Saltgrass, Rainforest), Simon Properties and many schools and restaurants.   I feel fortunate that I’ve been able to support myself with a paintbrush for over 30 years. 
For the most part, I am self taught.  However, I’m grateful to all of the artists whose work I’ve studied because they have continued my education. In particular, Connie Erickson has provided her honest critique and her encouragement in my pursuit of fine art.  Beauty inspires me; training the eye to see color, values and design while pursuing the beauty that light reveals is a lifelong adventure.  John Pototschnik, Andrew Wages and Kaye Franklin have shaped my understanding of color. 
I reside in rural Collin County near Weston with my wife, Laurinda.  My hobbies include cooking and beekeeping.   Galleries representing my work are Orison's  on the Square in McKinney and Mr. J’s in Richardson. 
Artist’s Statement:
The human soul needs beauty as the body needs nourishment.   Beauty causes a satisfying emotional response and comes in many forms; all of our senses can detect it.  Fortunately, we are surrounded by it.  Beauty is everywhere - from the shape of an oak leaf to the grandeur of a mountain.  Light reveals beauty, and there are so many forms of light…the soft morning rays of sunlight, the diffused brilliance of a cloudy day and the golden glow of a sunset reveal ever-changing ways to view our environment.  Accurately portraying light with paint [...]

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