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I came to painting relatively late in life. Like most kids, I took the occasional art class in elementary school and at the local museum but, when I signed up for an art class in college, my enthusiasm was squashed by the professor’s dismissal of the efforts of a non art major. Thirty years later, I screwed up my courage to try watercolors when my cousin, a talented artist herself, coaxed me to join her in painting around her home in Maine. With her encouragement, I was soon taking lessons and working on covering my first acre of paper. Fast forward another couple of decades, past several stops and starts for working, commuting, and living; over the hurdles of illness and family demands; and watercolor is still my artistic happy place. Even in my representational style, it is the perfect medium to explore my favorite question: “What will happen if I…?” Watercolor surprises me each time I pick up the brush—sometimes good surprises, sometimes “lessons,” but the paint has a mind of its own. More and more, I am learning to be its assistant.I live and paint (mostly) on beautiful Cape Ann in Massachusetts, where the light, ocean, quarries, and marshes have inspired artists for hundreds of years. I’ve been lucky to find gifted and patient teachers and mentors who have taught and encouraged me. Many acres of paper and gallons of pigment later, I am still learning from them and their examples. Every turn in my path reveals the long road ahead, and I am loving the journey!

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