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"It seems that everything is being sourced offshore, and it is difficult to find items handmade in America. Regardless of what store I may be in, I hear someone say, "Do you have anything that is not made in China?"We painters have an answer for them! Our paintings are handmade in America by Americans and are one-of-a-kind pieces. Painters have to start each day with a new idea for a painting subject, and then complete it in their own personal technique. The painting is as surely theirs as is their fingerprint.Consider your painting friends, can you tell which painting belongs to whom? More than likely you can and so can everyone else who is familiar with the work. If you paint the same subject several times they will all be different. No one else can or will paint just like you; so take pride in producing a very unique and special American-made product each and every time you put brush to canvas."


I began formal training in the aerospace industry as a technical illustrator and worked for companies from California to Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL. After graduating from Auburn University I eventually became Vice President of Marketing and Sales for RSG, Inc. an outstanding international process equipment company. During this period fine art was a passionate hobby and I developed representation at several art galleries. In 1998 I along with my three brothers were published in SouthWest Art and soon afterward I began the full time pursuit of fine art. Member of the American Impressionist Society, and Oil Painters of America. One of the original artists of the Plein Air Painters of the Southeast.1996 Art Expo New York, juried acceptance, New York, NY 1997 Accepted into the top 200 “Arts for the Parks Foundation” 1998 Southwest Art, March Issue “Family Connections” 1998 “The Artist Selects Exhibit,” (Alabama’s #1 Artist) Isabel A. Comer          Museum 1998 Indulge, Vol. 5 Issue 4, December issue “Art in Review” 2001 Artist in Residence, six weeks, Sara Carlisle residence, Tahilla, Ireland 2002 Southern Anglers’ Journal,” Spring Issue. 2002 Artist Selector for the Comer Foundation’s Artist Selects Exhibit 2003 Southern Anglers’ Journal,” Fall Issue. 2003 Granted membership into “Plein Air Painters of the Southeast” 2004 University of North Carolina commission for permanent collection 2004 Art Expo New York, Exhibitor 2004 Airlie Gardens Invitational. One of 13 invited across the nation 2004 PAP-SE exhibit Anderson Fine Art, St. Simons Isle, GA 2004 PAP-SE exhibit, Quinlan Visual Arts Center 2004 Thunderbird Foundation, Maynard Dixon Ranch, Mt. Carmel,          UT, Invited artist        2004 La Quinta Arts Festival, La Quinta, CA, Invited Artist 2005 Airlie Gardens Invitational. One of 13 invited across the nation 2005 PAP-SE exhibit  Brazier Fine Art, Richmond, VA 2006 “American Art Collector,” February Issue 2007 "American Art Collector,"  October Issue 2007 One of 300 accepted into The National Small [...]

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