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  love the fresh spontaneity of working with pastels to capture my immediate impressions of my subjects. My oil paintings allow me an expressive exploration of my subjects through rich colors and textures.
I am compelled to paint outdoors where I am exposed to all sorts of conditions -- the fierceness or the flatness of the land, the impulsiveness of the fleeting light, the moodiness of the clouds, the sometimes whispering and sometimes howling wind, the ever-changing and never-quite-right temperatures, and even the critters, some creepy and others, cute. All of the forces of Nature brings inspiration to me and a sense of life into my paintings.  
It is 'wonder' that I want to explore in my paintings. Through my observation, I want you to experience the awe I feel out in Nature. I want for you to see not so much the replication or visual reality of the landscape as we all see it, but for you to know in a single gaze the magnificent and the mysterious spirit of the natural world that compels me to paint.   Through my paintings, I want you to recognize the simultaneous levels of reality that surround us in Nature. To describe my experience, I use my unique color sensibility to move my paint with defined articulation and sensuous strokes. My understanding of how the interaction of color creates the impression of light and how values and movement can evoke a certain mood gives my work expressive breadth.  
As I continue to develop my own voice, I realize that the question is what interests me, and not the answer. The answer, I know, is ultimately "beauty." But what I want to find is the unseen beauty.  On many levels.  How can I express it? How can I make you see it too? I want [...]

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