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  • Year Born: N/A

  • I have loved and studied horses lifelong

  • Art is a constant source of challenge and joy

  • Price Range: $400.00 - $900.00

The Artist Says:

A circle of friends is a circle of life


I came to this point in my art late in life. Growing up on the west coast of Canada, I loved horses and, unable to access them I filled my fantasies by drawing them. As I became reasonably proficient, I gave my drawings away but never attempted to become ‘serious’ or try to sell any. Art was relaxation...my happy place. I never sought formal art education and over the years I drifted away from art entirely. Working, raising a family and getting seriously into training and showing my horse filled my time and satisfied my life perfectly well and I was happy with it.One day, retired, divorced and having eased back my activities to just hacking with my now elderly hunter, I wandered into my deserted studio (now a storeroom) and picked up my pencils. I was seventy...and I felt again the need to create. My paints were dried up, my papers long gone for kids’ projects so I decided if I were going to resupply myself I would try something different...pastel. I had my father’s old Grumbacher chalks - 80 years old - and bought the first of many pastel pencils and pan pastels. I love this medium...it gives me the scope of detail and the excitement of colour. At first I painted only animal portraits, and I still enjoy creating those, but I soon began developing more complete paintings and have discovered landsape painting. At present I only work in pastel but I never say never....life is too short to limit it.

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