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  • FASO Artist Website: http://www.pennypeterson.com

  • Year Born: N/A

  • I love color shapes

  • I love shapes of color

  • All shape or color questions handled by the Dept. of Redundancy Department

  • Price Range: $50.00 - $3,000.00

The Artist Says:

Know your exits.  
For most of my life I have looked around me to know how to get out of a building or an airplane by the shortest route.  In these times, my thinking takes me more towards the safest exit, not the shortest.
I would like to add another idea to this action;  Know your exits, grab your art.  
The art we collect is a visceral part of us.  It is crucial to our well being and development as a person and a society.  Handle with care.

Dealers Say:

Have Courage, Be Confident, and Consistently create great art.  -Bill Hester Gallery


I have been dabbling with visual arts since the early 70s.  A drawing class here, a painting class there.  I collected supplies from the variety of classes I explored. I started a business in landscape design to incorporate 3-D texture, color, shape and composition into my life. 
I segued into performing arts. I took dance classes, joined a troupe and spent many years learning another art form.  However, I felt I was literally dancing around what I truly wanted to do and I was curious about this avoidance. It took decades, but I decided it was time to stop ‘pack ratting’ art supplies… step up or purge. 
I stepped up.  
When the 2-D artistic dam was breached, my skills grew quickly. This medium allowed me to go much more deeply into the process of interpretation. Working in the 3-D world, with plants and body movements was fulfilling, but my gift was not satisfied by these. What I learned about myself is that I can come into a rich relationship with my own visual sense. 
I can feel deeply into a visual scene, I can sense nuances in color, and I find the language of visual art infinitely fascinating and delicious. My goal is to enrich my audience’s perception, to explore and reveal the spectrum of actualities within the subject, in contrast to the usual procedure of collapsing them into the commonplace. 
I enjoy recognition for my impressionistic interpretation of the outdoor world in acrylic paints.  Where people say grass is green — I say it is orange underneath, it has yellows, reds, purples and greens. There is a rainbow there. 
I use my classic training in line and curve, light and shadow with harmonious and contrasting color. I have found painting is the communication of emotions. When I give up control and trust this process, I [...]

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