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Our mind (Thoughts), body (Emotions) and Spirit (Soul) are not separate but one eco system within the human existence.  Any one or two of these without the others is like having a parts of a puzzle but not all of it.  You can manage without all the pieces but you are not whole.  Wholeness means all parts are coexisting and in alignment with each other to vibrate at a higher frequency to expand prosperity and abundance. 


Despite experiencing A.C.E., being dyslexic, having substantial hearing loss in her left ear Penny chose art to work through and overcome these barriers, to become a self-taught artist. Art helped her self-heal and retrain her mind to transform her life.
Penny’s passion is to help those who suffer from trauma discover ways to express emotional pain constructively through art by creating the Heart of Colors Project. It is a non-profit project dedicated to serving trauma survivors through art.
Penny is best known for her “Flowers in Bloom” glass series. She creates these pieces with up-cycled glass and acrylic enamel paint. She procures the glass, porcelain and ceramic from local businesses. This supports her community and keeps many of these items out of landfills and repurposes them for beautiful art pieces when hand painted.
She also teaches hand painted glass and acrylic pour classes on zoom or as private creative experiences.
Penny currently resides in Tacoma, Washington where she works out of her home studio.


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