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Before I begin in the studio, in whatever medium, I have always had a vision of the final image; be it landscape, floral, still-life, figurative... But, as the color and spacial relationships change, the picture takes on a life of its own, and I am 'along for the ride'! I work better late at night and into the AM when I feel a quiet and dark spaciousness, full of possibilities. For me, creating is a constant inner dialogue of conflict and choices, and since my resistance is a little worn after a long day, I find myself more willing to take creative chances, make bold mistakes, and to go off in unplanned directions. It is often one step forward and two steps back. It is a journey, both exhilarating and exasperating. (Don't call me early!)
Exhibit and Commercial Design History
Listed in Who's Who in American Art, I have been a professional artist for almost 50 years. As a printmaker, I am known for my  multi-block color woodcuts and etching techniques, but I have also ventured into serigraphs, pastels and monotypes. My work has always been surprisingly varied; my pastels are small and jewel like, while my playful monotypes encompass a blend of movement and dancing colors.

My recent work is mixed media collage on canvas.
My style has attracted the interest of those in the commercial field. In this area I have done product designs including greeting cards, calendars, logos, book illustrations, wall coverings and more-- and am always open for suggestions and new directions. I continue to show in gallery exhibits and create commissioned work for consultants, designers and and decorators.
I won many awards in national and international competitions, and exhibited in solo and group shows in the USA and Europe. These include the National Museum of [...]

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